Behrens - Bath Linen Suppliers: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Behrens Home Textiles - Leading UK Bath Linen Suppliers, Manchester, UKBath Linen Suppliers: What to Expect When Choosing Your Supplier

Bath linen varies considerably in nature from one product to the next, which can make it difficult to narrow down your options during the selection and procurement process. A reliable supplier should be able to assist you every step of the way in choosing the best option for your business.

The typical long staple cotton fibres you’d find in a bath towel can have very different qualities depending on the woven construction, pile height, weight and so forth. Bath linen can embody many features: aeration, insulation, absorption, fast-drying properties and more. A supplier can guide you on what best suits your needs. This includes how warm a product might be, how soft to the touch, or how durable, depending on the end use.

Beyond that, bath linen suppliers must be reliable. Close contact shouldn’t be an issue: their team should be willing, and capable, to handle any reasonable supply request. With further discussion and assessment of your specific requirements, they must be able to develop a product range suited to you.

Weighing up What You Need

Do you know that the choice and end use of bath linen, in many cases, is guided by how much a product weighs?

Smaller size, lighter weight towels offer practicality as they are quick-drying. A heavier cotton towel, by contrast, can be softer, more luxurious and indulgent, lending more heat for the winter months. These are the considerations your customers will appreciate; therefore, choose a bath linen supplier who knows just what separates a weight category from another, relative to the intended differences in your range.

Bath mats, too, are functionally distinctive, as they become more or less functional depending on quality, design and weight. These elements align with material benefits to deliver a freshness, size and absorbent features that will allow you to educate your customers. It’s of the essence to make end users aware of what exactly it is that they’re buying; By choosing an experienced and knowledgeable supplier, you’d be able to accurately pass those details onto the consumer.


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Readying Your Linen for Market

In some cases, you might require the relationship with your supplier to run deeper, especially if you’re distributing bath linen to the hospitality industry where customisation may be required.

For bespoke orders, bath linen suppliers should be able to apply specialised product branding – the logos or embossed designs that distinguish your stock from that of the competition – before the materials arrive. Together, you can form a range of products that will add value to your business, or that of your clients.

At Behrens Home Textiles, we would be delighted to learn more about your business and strategies. As Manchester’s oldest textile company, our brand carries a renowned level of trust and prestige… We are confident that your customers will put faith in these products from the off, if you choose to gain the stamp of our heritage brand in a supply partnership.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the manufacturing processes I should be looking for?

The softest, longest lasting and most attractive linen products do rely on certain techniques for a finish you can be proud of. At Behrens Home Textiles, we only use combed cotton to reduce linting, i.e. the gradual thinning of fibres that are harmful to their quality. This also gives them a silky smooth feel, and much better colour retention, as the fibres stay closely packed together.

Are there options for customisation?

Yes, we’re able to design unique hems, borders and embroidery to a tailored specification, providing the volumes meet our production MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities). In light of this, customised designs are best suited to large retailers who can deliver across the UK and overseas.

Do you have discounts for large linen orders?

Due to the nature of our relationship with major wholesalers and retailers, we don’t offer discounts for bulk orders as standard. However, we do have a competitive range that offers outstanding value-for-money, along with a flexible approach to meet your individual needs.

Is it possible for you to accept small batch orders?

We’re more than happy to work with smaller order quantities, but there may be a delivery charge if it does not meet our carriage paid minimum order level of £500.

Do your bath linen suppliers deliver nationwide?

At Behrens Home Textiles, we distribute to the whole of the UK, as well as the Republic of Ireland. We can also deliver to addresses on the European mainland.


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Why choose Behrens Home Textiles as your bath linen supplier?

If you’re looking for a new bath linen supplier, it’s essential to find suppliers that offer the quality and variety you need, at a price you can afford. To this end, it pays to partner with a supplier that has centuries’ worth of expertise to bear…

For almost two centuries, we’ve been at the forefront of bath linen design. Plenty has changed in that period, but a lot has also stayed the same: namely, our artisanal approach to linen production, ensures the highest quality products at all times. With nearly 200 years in textile production, Behrens Home Textiles deliver an unrivaled level of service for retailers and wholesalers, both on the high street and online, seeking high-quality, good-value bath linen in the UK.

Since its very inception, till this day Behrens remains a family business. Six generations’ worth of expertise has fed down into what we are today. Our founder, Sir Jacob Behrens valued attainable, quality products that were the lynchpin of trade networks in Britain, Europe and beyond. Sir Jacob built everything on his reputation, and we’ve managed to sustain it over the decades with authenticity at the centre of our company’s work ethic. By combining classic techniques with the latest advances in linen production, we’ve been able to improve the absorbency, aesthetics, drying times and range of linen available for our valued clients.

Partnering with us will give you access to some of the widest, most refined fabric manufacturing skills in the world. Our knowledge of what makes a towel or bath mat is second to none, while our fast, reliable service is designed to give you peace of mind when dealing with bath linen suppliers. Our stringent manufacturing methods can be tailored to the requirements of your business, or you can take advantage of our wide range of stock products. Whether that’s a towel or a bath mat, we’ve got it covered: the question is, what does your brand want to stand for? By learning about your own business, we can see where ours fits into it, and produce the exact product range you are looking for.

That extends to preparing your bath linen for market, either through through individual product development projects where we can produce tailor-made packaging requirements, or by accessing one of our stock supported ranges. Join the ranks of some of UK and the world’s leading retailers today. The Behrens team is eagerly awaiting to have that first conversation with you…

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