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Bed Linen Suppliers For Hotels

A hotel’s impression rests on a number of things; one of them, certainly, is how inviting your beds are. Beyond their shape, size and practical features, it is the beautiful feel of your bed linen that’ll decide how guests view their experience with you. Therefore, finding the right bed linen suppliers for hotels is key. Behrens Home Textiles can satisfy any demands you have for the hotel sector, bringing two centuries’ worth of linen expertise to bear on any bed dressing.


Bed Linen Suppliers for Hotels

How to Compare Bed Linen Suppliers for Hotels

A supply network has to embody three values – quality, convenience and reliability. If neither of these traits are represented, there’s every reason to look elsewhere for a better service. Customers can tell the difference between cheap, low-grade linen and the sort that’ll prompt repeat business. Materials such as percale, sateen, flannel and cotton have their own characteristics, many of which decide how warm/soft/easily dryable a linen batch may be. This is also true of manufacturing techniques: ‘blending’, for instance, removes impurities before they’re spun into the final cover.

A supplier should know what affects the touch or visual qualities of your order. Beyond that, however, bed suppliers for hotels must be willing to customise their material. Whether this is a particular scheme to match the bedroom décor, or personal branding (logos, themes) relative to your hotel chain, such options make bed linen unique and perfectly matched to its environment. Also, you should expect a fast, communicable service that’s clear about what it can do.



What does bed linen really stand for?

As a label, ‘bed linen’ relates to pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers i.e. the covering we apply to our sleep bases. Their purpose is twofold: a soft touch, and a protective measure for spills or dust. Much of a bed’s visual appeal is decided by the linen you choose. We include mattress protectors in that definition too – they’re essential for a fresh sleep experience, just like the covers laid for guests each day.

How is bed linen produced?

Often, there are a variety of materials at play – cotton, fibre and synthetics – unless you go for 100% natural products. There are advantages to either choice; bed linen suppliers should guide you through them before purchase. Yarn fibres are oriented in one direction via special machinery. They are then primed for weaving, with distinctive thread counts indicating how thin or thick the surface area is. Again, consult with your supplier to get a full picture of the manufacturing process.

What are your delivery policies?

Behrens Home Textiles can bring materials to any part of Great Britain or the Republic of Ireland. We also ship to the European mainland with due notice. This only accounts, generally, for our basic stock range; tailored requests may be more constrained in terms of where we can deliver them.

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As the oldest textile company in the city, you can rely on Behrens Home Textiles to become your bedding suppliers in Manchester. Six generations of family ownership (and almost two hundred years in the business) have shaped our reputation, and only made it more suited to the supply challenges of today. There is nothing we can’t handle, emboss or advise on. Take us on as your supply partner today, the Behrens team is eagerly awaiting to have that first conversation with you…

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