Behrens - Bed Linen Suppliers Wholesale UK: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Bed Linen Suppliers Wholesale UK: What to Expect When Choosing Your Supplier

There are only a few elements of comfort we care about more than how our beds look and feel. Whether you’re seeking bed linen for the commercial or domestic market, it’s essential to find the best suppliers who know what their materials can do. Whether it’s a duvet, sheet or pillow cover, the maxim should be the same – great quality at a reasonable price…



What to expect from your Bed Linen Suppliers Wholesale UK

So, where does the value lie for a presumed bed linen expert? First, they must be able to fit an advisory role. A high-end retailer, for instance, might benefit from silk bed sheets, or flannel throws that offer a luxurious touch of warmth in winter. Cotton – either in Sateen, Egyptian or other styles – is a typical linen base, but there are big distinctions to take on board. They include:

  • Softness
  • Lightness
  • Heat Retention
  • Absorbency
  • Texture

Knowing the effects of these materials is central to giving a customer what they’re asking for. When considering bed linen suppliers wholesale UK, remember that their insights, capabilities and practical wisdom form the brunt of your product range. Factors such as thread count and combed yarn techniques decide how the end product will be used over time. When matched with the right visual effects, you’ll have an enticing collection tailored to your clientele, increasing your profitability. Beyond that, a supplier should be able to move around the schedules, orders and delivery goals that are relevant to you. Going further, they might offer bespoke designs, such as those that Behrens Home Textiles is all-too-willing to conceive and implement.


The Weight of Expectation

Weight is a key deciding factor when choosing your bed linen, and determining its longevity. ‘Plain weaves’ are thick, durable and fairly easy to iron; sateen fabric, however, is made up of thinner threads, giving it lighter, fast-drying properties.

This variety is key to achieving the most suitable range of bed linen, accounting for how we treat, wash and use them in a particular environment. Remember that lightweight may not point to low quality: luxury linen often uses advanced techniques to ensure it stays light and airy. Only the best bed linen suppliers for wholesale UK can guide you through the extensive nuances of linen weights and materials, to help you find the right options for your range. At Behrens Home Textiles, we outline the specifics in the simplest terms, ensuring your orders are fit for purpose when they arrive.


Preparing Bed Linen for Your Business

It may be the case that bespoke customisation is part of your aims for a linen order. If so, we can accommodate most logos, embroidery or promotional features on the materials you’ve chosen, bringing a unique stamp to your linen supplies. Often, such requests are made by those in the hospitality sector, eager to broaden their brand’s influence. For towels, duvets and pillows, there’s no better reminder for the mark of quality your service can represent. Behrens Home Textiles would love to explore your branding targets – it all starts with a conversation, in which we discuss how designs might be incorporated. We can advise on anything that could add up to the final image when it’s ready for market. Of course, you may just want to take advantage of Behrens’ own name, since we’re an established, revered symbol for comforting bed linen.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘bed linen’ include?

‘Bed linen’ stands for anything apart from the mattress, that remains essential to a cosy sleep. That takes in whatever covers or protects your main bed: duvet covers, throws, blankets, pillow cases, and mattress toppers. Also, we place bedroom curtains in the same bracket, as they’re a key decorative feature for you or your customers.

Why is thread count important?

Our products are woven and stitched with varying density. To keep a tab on their makeup, we give them a thread count that tells you how many strips of fabric exist in a square inch. The higher the count, the more tightly our linen is bound together, which scales up the heaviness of the material. You shouldn’t look for any bed linen that scores less than 200, as this denotes low quality. Find out more about thread counts here.

Can you offer discounts on large linen orders?

As a rule, Behrens Home Textiles cannot offer bulk discounts. But we stock a wide range of materials at competitive prices, making it cost-effective to buy in large quantities. Furthermore, by adding value through our advice, design and flexible services, we aim to give you confidence in Behrens as one of the best bed linen suppliers wholesale in the UK.

What is the difference between synthetic and natural bed linen?

Most of it is down to the production methods we use – synthetic linen is made with chemicals and man-made compounds, whereas ‘natural’ bedding stems from 100% organic material. There are pros and cons to each category: the colours, crispness and anti-fade properties of a sheet may be stronger with synthetics, yet other people may like the rawer feel of its counterpart, or knowing that nothing artificial has been used.

Do your bath linen wholesale suppliers in the UK deliver nationwide?

At Behrens Home Textiles, we can deliver to any address in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Moreover, we’re able to reach clients on the European mainland too.


Why choose Behrens as your source of bed linen?

It’s possible that you’ve already heard of us – after almost 200 years in the textile trade, there’s very little we haven’t learned about linen manufacture, or the industries we supply.

Behrens began as (and remains) a family-run business till this very day. Our founder, Sir Jacob Behrens, made a name for himself in British textiles during the Industrial Revolution. Very quickly, he understood that great, reliable linen supply was always going to be valued in any marketplace, as long as the customer’s needs came first.

Today, we’re continuing that tradition by applying your exact requests to our manufacturing methods, whether they rely on a certain type of service or one-of-a-kind branding. Since we use the finest production techniques (winding, combing and draft spinning, to name a few), you’re guaranteed a slew of products that do exactly what your or your buyers desire them for. As we develop your materials, we’ll tell you how we’re doing it, and what it means for the end result. Our team are renowned for their transparent work ethic: with so much pride to walk you through, what’s the point in hiding it? Choose us as your new supplier, and tap into a set of skills that’ve crossed generations to reach you.

It’s also worth discovering the extent of our market-ready bed linen, as well as bath linen options. Give us the word to meet all of your packaging requirements, from the smallest item to the largest collection of materials you can afford. We’ll learn about your business so we can add the perfect touch to any order. That extends to preparing your bed linen for market, either through through individual product development projects where we can produce tailor-made packaging requirements, or by accessing one of our stock supported ranges. Join the ranks of some of UK and the world’s leading retailers today. Looking to link up to a bed linen wholesaler you can rely on? After two centuries in the textile business, Behrens is a trusted source of bed linen in the UK. We’ve built our name on quality, variety and a service that never sells our customers short. Choose us to fulfil any and all linen needs for your bedding products. Our team is eagerly awaiting to have that first conversation with you…

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