Behrens - Bedding Suppliers Manchester: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Bedding Suppliers Manchester: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Any retailer, wholesaler or hotel knows that bed products are close to the heart of their clientele. When sourcing bedding suppliers in Manchester, you have to keep that in mind – the right brand shares your principles, and does all it can to deepen the impact of a comforting sleep. Behrens Home Textiles is one such service. We uphold the highest standards for beautiful, cost-efficient fabrics, tailoring our stock to your unique requirements.


Choosing Your Bedding Suppliers in Manchester

Whatever your needs, there are some clear, decisive guidelines for getting the perfect batch of bed supplies. For instance, consider the type of fabric being used: sateen, cotton, flannel and natural linen have differing properties. These are subtle, but enough to make bedding more or less attractive to the buyer. Warmth can be affected, along with softness, weight or texture. Quality bedding suppliers in Manchester, then, should be able to guide you on what a material is suited for, so you can meet the needs of your consumer base. This expertise should carry through to product formation and delivery. A supplier must stay in close contact before, during and after the order, ensuring you’re completely happy with the results. They might even be able to customise your bedding with tasteful branding or finishes before your products arrive.


Bedding Suppliers Manchester Key Considerations When Choosing Your SupplierFAQs

What do bedding suppliers actually provide?

‘Bedding’ refers to every part of a customer’s sleep provisions, aside from the mattress. That encompasses pillows, duvets, throws and blankets, as well as the covers that encase them. Additionally, we deal in mattress protectors, which keep your bed bases clean and soft. Bedding suppliers in Manchester should also find out what you require on a branding level. That might be packaging for immediate sale, or embossed logos/slogans for the hospitality, travel and leisure sectors.

Are there limits to the amount of fabric I can order?

Generally, we can handle any order you have in mind, providing it exceeds our minimum net cost of £500. There are no upper limits to a supply batch; with due notice, we can satisfy even the largest procurement requirements.

Where does Behrens deliver?

We can capably get your product order to any part of the UK or Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, Behrens Home Textiles can ship to the European mainland if desired. We must stress, though, that this only applies to existing stock – bespoke orders may be limited.

Begin your supply journey with Behrens Home Textiles

As the oldest textile company in the city, you can rely on Behrens Home Textiles to become your bedding suppliers in Manchester. Six generations of family ownership (and almost two hundred years in the business) have shaped our reputation, and only made it more suited to the supply challenges of today. There is nothing we can’t handle, emboss or advise on. Take us on as your supply partner today, the Behrens team is eagerly awaiting to have that first conversation with you…

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