Behrens - Bedding Wholesale Suppliers UK: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Bedding Wholesale Suppliers UK: Key Considerations When Choosing Your Supplier

Bed linens, sheets, pillows, covers. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to stocking up on these essentials, which is why you need specialist bedding wholesale suppliers in the UK who can handle any questions you may have. Behrens Home Textiles have a long-standing heritage amongst British retailers, wholesalers and the hospitality industry. We take in pride the quality of our service across the board from fabrics used, to deliveries made, and everything in between. In doing so, we ensure our clients – and their customers – get the best value from their bedding.


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What to Expect From Bedding Wholesale Suppliers UK

So what falls under the “bedding” label here at Behrens? And what should you look for when choosing a supplier to partner with? Firstly, you can expect the best suppliers to have a diverse fabric range to pick from. At Behrens, we have both synthetic and natural bed linens available, as well as fabrics with varying thread counts to satisfy all of your procurement requirements. Bedding can include the basics such as pillows, duvets and linens, as well as duvet covers and pillow cases in a range of colours and styles.

Finally, you might want to consider adding throws, blankets and other soft furnishings to your collection, to help your clientele customise their décor or to add the finishing touches to your space. Designed with texture, comfort and elasticity in mind, Behrens bedding provides deluxe-style comfort at a cost-effective price for buyers purchasing in bulk.


Countrywide, World-class Service

Behrens was established nearly two centuries ago, and we continue to function as the go-to brand for wholesalers, retailers and hotels. Creating quality bedding from the finest fabrics remains our speciality, servicing a range of clients all over the country.


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As the oldest textile company in the city, you can rely on Behrens Home Textiles to become your bedding suppliers in Manchester. Six generations of family ownership (and almost two hundred years in the business) have shaped our reputation, and only made it more suited to the supply challenges of today. There is nothing we can’t handle, emboss or advise on. Take us on as your supply partner today, the Behrens team is eagerly awaiting to have that first conversation with you…

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