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New Shade: Sage Green Tunic, Dress & Trouser Offering

Since many of your clients are asking for calming uniform shades to freshen up their wellness centres this coming Spring, we’re offering the ultimate natural hue.

Research suggests that Sage green work dress, tunic, and trouser options are set to become industry must-haves. Why? Because the shade perfectly complements a certain tranquillity that any wellness hub looks for. All whilst boosting the wearer with a feel-good, uplifting energy, too! How does Sage do this?

Let’s explore how Sage can truly connect your clients’ services with nature – to achieve the most desired customer experience.

Behind the Shade

In short, sage oozes the sort of calmness that spa & wellness customers crave! So, we were determined to meet this need. Using our same easy care, durable, comfortable fabric builds – we took to our design sheets.

In the process, we discovered some interesting findings. Did you know that Sage’s soft presence has a calming effect on the human psyche? Resembling pastures, soft greens were responsible for signalling safety to many of our ancestors, many centuries ago. And it may be hard to believe that these same associations still live within us today, but they do! Which leaves us thinking – what better shade to help professionals provide their clients with the ultimate escape from their bustling day-to-day?

It’s time to offer a stripped back twist on contemporary designs, with spa & wellness uniform options in the most serene Sage green colourway!

We’ve brought sage to our popular Gisele tunic, our must-have adjustable Ila trousers, and our much-loved, flattering Elena dress!

Firstly, our Gisele tunic is as streamlined as possible to suit the nature of beauty & wellness professionals’ roles. Featuring a faux side tie and back fastening zip, Gisele is perfect for customers craving a professional wrap top that’s fashionable and secure.

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Next, we’ve heard your customers ask for elasticated work trousers with a specific need for more stretch, so we’re offering our Ila trousers in Sage! Ila is the newest fabulous, modern-day addition to our trouser collection. Wearers can trust her to bend with their every move whilst flattering their every curve, too!

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Lastly, Elena is our popular adjustable work dress that features a flattering faux crossover, back fastening zip, and back vent. So your customers can feel secure through their whole shift.

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Contact us today for an always professional, friendly service from our family-run business. Let us help you take the first step towards a sustainable future – with quality always at the forefront.

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