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Behind the Design: Thermal Changing Robes

Sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts are looking for something to throw on that can keep them keep warm and dry after any outdoor activity…

Say hello to our Thermal Changing Robe. Originally designed to insulate swimmers after a chilly dip, we’ve made sure our Robe is perfect for anyone with an outdoor lifestyle.

The result? Easy wear and warmth in any weather condition for the ultimate practicality. Keep the weather out, keep the body heat in!

How’s it been made?

Alongside two outer zip pockets, we’ve incorporated one inner zip pocket allowing headphone access and a large inner deep patch pocket for wearers to keep valuables, goggles, or anything else safe. And what about ease of dressing? Its quick-release zip and spacious, loose fit allows the wearer to move around comfortably and even get dressed inside of it if they wish… How brilliant!

With a 100% polyester outer, our Thermal Robe is water and wind resistant to keep the wearer protected from elements, and the large hood will keep the wearer’s head and ears warm and dry.

And it doesn’t stop there! Our Thermal Robe’s inner Sherpa Fleece lining wicks moisture away and offers warmth and comfort against the skin. Its full length sleeves with hook and loop adjustable fastenings at the cuffs also help to keep the heat in… Perfect!

Where can it be worn?

During all outdoor activities, swim clubs, sports clubs, gyms, schools, universities… The list goes on!

Who is it for?

  • Explorers: for those who won’t let the UK’s unpredictable weather stop them from hiking, camping, or swimming in lakes and lagoons. The Thermal Changing Robe will be their best armour!
  • Gym-goers: for when they’re needing something to throw on after a heavy gym class or post-workout showers.
  • Students: for when they’re needing to rush from one part of campus to the other, such as needing to quickly change after sports training for their next class.
  • Sports team members: for when they’re fresh off the pitch after intermediate or professional play.
  • Sports team supporters: for when they need an all-in-one top layer to throw on when being in the stands supporting a favourite player.
  • Swimmers: for when they step out of the pool (either indoors or outdoors) and their body temperature immediately drops – the Thermal Changing Robe will slowly ease them back to normal temperature.

How customisable is it?

Our Thermal Changing Robe is easily customisable for reselling, with embroidery zip access inside. Available in sizes Youth, adult S-M, L-XL, and a range of colours including navy, camo and black, creating the perfect base for branding for swim clubs, sports clubs, and lifestyle brands.

Don’t wait until September, get your orders in now to guarantee sales! Keep your customers warm, dry, and comfortable with our Thermal Changing Robe!

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