Behrens - Printwear & Promotion LIVE 2024 Sneak Peek: Garment Innovation

Printwear & Promotion LIVE 2024 Sneak Peek: Garment Innovation

Are you a long-standing, new, or prospective customer of Behrens? We value you and would love to see you at Printwear and Promotion 2024! Whether you’re just checking in to see our latest updates, or looking to expand your product offering, we’re always here for a friendly chat. Get ready to uncover exciting new additions … Continued

School Sports Tours: Unbranded Clothing & Bags

Enable your customers to foster a well-rounded athletic experience on their sports tours. Browse our supreme unbranded gym clothing wholesale (UK based) that’s made to be decorated! With 180 years expertise, our unbranded clothing and bags are the perfect companions for enjoying unforgettable sports tours in rugby, hockey, cricket, football and more! Bags on the … Continued

New Year Boom: Unbranded Sportswear Wholesale Essentials

With the January fitness boom on the horizon, your customers aren’t only seeking functionality and comfort – they want to feel good about their buying choices. With Eco Tech, they can feel good about their health and about choosing recycled fabric activewear! Perfect for the more conscious consumer. Be the market go-to for your customers. … Continued

Unbranded Clothing for Winter: Outerwear Essentials

Prepare for the winter season demand with our vast range of premium outerwear options. Whether it be everyday jackets for team sports or an all-year-round gilet design, you’re in the right place for shopping customer clothing for the winter! Everyday Staples: Eco Tech Gilet & Matchday Jacket Many consumers across the UK are on the … Continued

Back to School Bags: Gear up for the new term

As back to school season creeps in, institutions are buckling down for the return of the morning rush. It’s a critical time to offer customers high quality accessories for their children in the run up to the new school year. There’s increased demand for the most robust, secure bags for school. At the same time, … Continued

Back to School: Gear Up for the New Term

Back to School season is here! And as our valued clients, we’re here to prepare you for increased demands. It’s time to stock up on kids sports clothes for school sports, P.E. kits, team sports clubs and more! Why Behrens? With nearly 200 years of delivering quality garments and fabrics, who better to rely on … Continued

Behind the Design: Thermal Changing Robes

Sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts are looking for something to throw on that can keep them keep warm and dry after any outdoor activity… Say hello to our Thermal Changing Robe. Originally designed to insulate swimmers after a chilly dip, we’ve made sure our Robe is perfect for anyone with an outdoor lifestyle. The result? … Continued

Behind the Design: Eco Tech Cricket Shirts

Following the success of Eco Tech, we’d first like to say thank you for such an amazing response to our very first sustainably produced teamwear range! With over 180 years’ textile expertise and innovation, we know how to provide innovative answers to climate change – a modern day consumer concern. We’ve been working extra hard … Continued

Eco Tech: Behind the Design

We as The Behrens Group, Manchester’s oldest textile company, are proud to announce the launch of our first sustainably produced teamwear range. Eco Tech is made from recycled premium technical fabrics and offers wholly inclusive sizing options. With over 180 years of textile innovation under our belt, Eco Tech holds significant testimony to the excellence … Continued